Monday, July 10, 2006

What We've Been Watching & Listening to Lately

Okay, I decided to share what we've been watching and listening to lately. Maybe you can reply with more info, insights, etc. Here goes...

Kim and I have not been watching too many movies lately. We have gone out and seen some of the blockbuster summer films, but none of them excited us too much. X-Men 3 was pretty good. Pretty darn good for a 3rd outing. Superman Returns was better than expected and made for an enjoyable film. Pirates 2 was a BIG let down for us. Too much ridiculous action, silly antics, and cliches. I know that's what the Pirates films are supposed to be like, but did you notice that the basic plot of Pirates 2 was the exact same as Pirates 1??? I'll leave my review at that. The best surprise of the summer so far has been Nacho Libre. This film was very funny, but used so many stereotypes that I felt a bit uncomfortable with it. I could see how this comedy could be taken as racist film. Jack Black acting as a Mexican luchador is really no different than the original Amos and Andy actors in black face (for the movie, not the TV show that actually used black actors). Other than films in the theater, we have only watched a few DVDs. At the top of our list is the MINUTEMEN documentary "We Jam Econo". Although it was not as good as the SST produced documentary from several years back, it was good and the quality of the sound and visuals were excellent! Great stuff! It's worth it alone for clean copies of the MINUTEMEN's music videos. The other DVD that we've been watching is the Cary Grant Box Set from Sony. This set has some true classic films with stunning prints: His Girl Friday, Holiday, Only Angels Have Wings, The Awful Truth, etc. All amazing films. We've also been wathcing way too much YouTube! If you don't know what it is, go check it out for yourself at:

You can find many great music videos and film clips there. My user name is "Signal30". Do a search for me and you can see some great punk, R&B, Rockabilly, and Western Swing clips that I've found and saved to my library. The two best are Screamin' jay Hawkins doing "I Put a Spell On You" and The Stalin (from Japan) videos.

Speaking of videos...WHITE FLAG just finished shooting a music video at our house for their song "Danger Island" for an upcoming DVD release in Japan. They used our two youngest kids and Kim in it. We'll let you know when it comes out and how you can view it (hopefully through YouTube).


Well, we've been listening to that things we are releasing of course. Listening to the CONTROLLERS new CD a lot. Also listening to Carl Perkins, Rudie Grayzell, The Pogues, Nervous Eaters, White Flag, King Oliver, California Ramblers, Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot peppers, and much more.

That's enough for now...

Back For More!

I must apologize for not blogging more. This last year has seen a lot of changes in the life of my family. Just this year, Kim graduated with her Masters degree, our oldest daughter graduated from high school, our youngest daughter promoted to high school, I've had to deal with a new principal at my school, and the biggest thing that happened was the death of my father. Just too much going on...well, I'm going to try to blog again. Please bear with me.

Now that summer is here and some things are behind us, we are moving forward with new releases and so on. We have several releases that will be out within the next few months including:

BENEDICT ARNOLD AND THE TRAITORS "Kill The Hostages" 1980 7" reissue
WARHEAD "If-Then-Else" CD reissue of 1981 LP
CONTROLLERS "Another Sunny Day" CD of demos and live from 1977, 1982, 1996, and 2002

and YES! We are still working on the BAGS CD! It is just going slow dealing with all concerned parties.

We are also working on a DVD project that will probably be released in Spring '07 which will be like the old Flipside Videozines and feature 2-4 songs by up to 23 bands or so. All of the bands will be ones that were from, or played around, Los Angeles from 1976 through 1982. We have many bands already on board with this project, but I don't want to spill the beans yet on who is on it because we are still getting confirmations almost daily from bands. More as it develops...

That's the Artifix update for now. Check back.