Monday, July 11, 2005

RAMONES benefit!

Well...thanks to Dawn Wirth (again!), we found out about a special benefit for cancer and lymphoma that the RAMONES (Marky Ramone and other Ramone family members) were supporting in conjunction with 103.1 fm in L.A. last Friday. We were lucky to make it on time to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and watch "Rock'n'Roll High School" and hang out with some of the stars from the film. It was really nice to take our two daughters to the event. Our youngest, a 12 year-old, is blossoming into a real RAMONES fan. She even bought her first RAMONES shirt at the event! It was amazing to see how many people turned out for the event. The grass hillside was covered with both old and new punks alike.

Some of the guests for the event included: P.J. Soles (who starred as Riff Randell in the movie), Alan Arkush the director, Marky Ramone, Linda Ramone, Lars Fredrickson (from RANCID), and some others. The audience was also a 'who's who' of L.A. punkdom. Alice Bag and Jenny Lens were there...many others who we hard a hard time seeing because of the dark. It was a lot of fun and it had a weird feeling for me as I felt like the punk torch was being passed to a younger generation as I saw my daughters getting so excited about the event.

I have not been the biggest fan of indie 103.1 fm for my own reasons, but I do appreciate that they are a big enough force to put on these kind of events and have the communication ability to bring so many together. I truly wish them the best of luck and hope that they continue with these kind of pursuits and can manage to keep the commercialism to a minimum as they have done so far.

Maybe I'll embarrass my daughters and post some of their pictures on here with P.J. Soles and Lars. Thanks again for keeping us informed Dawn! -Greg @ Artifix


Blogger Jenny Lens said...

You would hear more from me but your email box is always full! I know you have email issues. I truly wish the Ramones movie were on a weekend, so we all could spend hours in daylight, because I know we all missed so many friends in the crowd. I didn't see either DJs Joe Sib or Dickey Garrett from Indie, as well as friends from myspace, nor Alice nor you.

I too have issues with Indie, but they are the most responsive radio station out there, so it's up to us to keep on them to play and GIVE RESPECT to us pioneers, especially THE WOMEN! One of these days they will realize who Alice and I are, and that will really feel great! Alice is so evolved she doesn't focus on it like I do. Dinah Cancer was on today, but Dickey was so disappointed I admitted I never saw 45 Grave -- he told me to "learn to lie." Well, instead of local LA bands, I was hanging out with the Clash and Boomtown Rats. Not just shooting them, hangin' w/them. Can't be in two places at once!

Great seeing you and your 12 year old in her Ramones tee at my place. I was so glad I had Joey with Kamen Rider (both standing with their fists up) printed and framed for her, as I have limited money and room for prints. Ha ha, the photographer who collects art and no room for her own work! And that's why this lady is a punk!

gabba gabba hey,

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