Monday, July 07, 2008

WHITE FLAG video -Artifix

In case you never got to see it is a music video for WHITE FLAG's song "Danger Island". I was the Director of Photography on this. Pat Fear did the editing. This is the lo res, unfinished edit. We made this video during the summer of 2006. My kids are the actors as well as my wife. This was shot in our house. You will also see the Artifix kids again this summer in the GERMS movie What We Do Is Secret. My daughter actually got a mohawk on the set for one scene in which they needed mohawk kids. You will see her face in close up with her red-haired mohawk. You will see me in two parts; one as a Hell's Angels biker-bouncer at one show and the other as Eddie Subtitle (uncredited) hanging out at the Masque. Enjoy this video.

Also...don't forget to check out this news article from the Inland Empire Weekly on fanzines in the Inland Empire. They interviewed me for this story as I produced 5 issues of Disturbed Minds fanzine in Victorville and Apple Valley (Southern California) between 1985 and 1987. The picture of the goofy looking guy in the hat is me!

More stuff soon! -Greg/Artifix


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