Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New Stuff For a Dying World

I know that it has been way too long since I created a blog post here. Since the last post, Artifix Records has been busy with many projects. Last year we worked a bit on the upcoming GERMS film "What We Do Is Secret" by supplying club noise and music. Four out of five members of our immediate family are even in the picture! We also helped as fashion consultants to get the "punk" look down right.
Another thing that we worked on is the current art gallery show "Vexing" which is about the Latina involvement with punk rock in East Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We supplied records, fliers, and video footage, which is all being used in the show. This show is going on through August at the Claremont Art Museum. Check it out.
Recently, we were interviewed by the Inland Empire Weekly about fanzine culture in the Inland Empire during the 1980's and 1990's and the decline in the production of paper fanzines. We have also been asked about some possible interviews both in print and on the radio.
All of these things have been very gratifying as we are trying to spread the history of Southern California punk rock and shed light on as many different facets of it as possible. Our greatest contribution still lies in our releases...

Last year we released the BAGS "All Bagged Up: 1977-1980" LP. So far in 2008 we have just released the first album by CIRCLE ONE in over 25 years since their 1983 debut LP "Patterns of Force"! Here is what this new record looks like:

We currently have a RHINO 39 / BLACK RANDY split 7" being mastered and soon pressed. This split 7" features a previously unreleased out-take from the Dangerhouse 7" sessions and features Dave Dacron on vocals. The song is called "Night In Watts" and was written by Dacron as an autobiographical account of a night that he spent trying to walk through Watts to get back home. This is being released in it's original mix.The BLACK RANDY AND THE METROSQUAD song is a previously unreleased alternate version of "I Wanna Be a Nark" from the "Idi Amin" 7" sessions. This song was mixed for the first time ever by us last summer and we hope you like our hardcore take on it.
On a collector geek note...our pressing plant wants to bring back the flexi-disc like the cardboard kind that used to be on cereal boxes, etc. The record on a cardboard sheet...anyway, they needed some test subjects so we created artwork for it and sent in a song and they made them...the rarest record that we have ever released...BAGS "Babylonian Gorgon" 1 sided flexi-record! We only received 10 copies and the plant was unhappy with the outcome so there are no more copies! The rest are being returned and destroyed for credit! Here is what it looks like:

Anyway...after the RHINO 39 / BLACK RANDY 7" look for a SOCIAL TASK 7" of tracks they recorded in 1979 and the upcoming EYES complete Dangerhouse recordings (which we still can't decide if it will be a 10" or 12"). After all of this there is talk of other stuff including the recently uncovered REACTORS material from San Bernardino from 1978 to 1980 and much more. We leave you with a picture of the REACTORS taken from a newspaper article about them from 1980 (this last line-up features Tony "Fate" Bramel who is the guitarist in the BELLRAYS):

More later....?


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