Friday, June 24, 2005

Let Us Give Thanks...

Welcome to the Artifix blog. This is a message board of a type that allows us to interact a bit with viewers to our website. You can read our thoughts and feelings about things and respond. For our very first blog, we thought that the first thing we needed to do was to give THANKS to the many supporters that we have had over the last few years since Artifix Records launched in the Spring of 2002. In no particular order, here is a list of names of people that have befriended, or helped us (or both) in some unique way. We thank them with all our heart!

Extra special thanks to Johnny Stingray of the Controllers for being our biggest supporter and a great inspiration to us, and a good ear to bend! Thanks Johnny for everything!

Alice Bag, Greg Velasquez, Patricia Morrison, Dawn Wirth, David Jones, Dix Denney, John Denney, Daniel Kozman, Kerry Colonna, Philly Bessy, Claude Bessy (in spirit!), David Brown, Lee Josephs, Danny Gromfin and Warning Label Records, Kidd Spike, John Miner, Michael Vallejo, Tracey "Skull" Garcia, Tony Naranjo, Rocco Roll and the Absentees (for having the faith in us to help us get our first release out!), Dan Kessel, Brendan Mullen, Jenny Lens, Bill Bartell, Tim Kummerow, Stephen Stink, Johnny Penguin, Shaun Guerin (r.i.p.), Scott Guerin (get back in touch!), Razorcake Magazine, Jack Rabid and The Big Takeover Magazine, Daniel McGee, Jim Tennyson, Terry Hammer and Vampir Records, Damian Ramsey and, Sean Antillon, Steve Fortuna and the Skulls, Tom Chartier and the Rotters, Jaime Flores, Phranc, Robert Lopez, Loren Molinaire, Bryan Knox, Paul Greenstein, Larry Greenstein, Rick Brodey, Ronn Spencer, Louise Spencer, Richard Meltzer, Greg Turner, Richard Simpson, Gary Panter, Axxel Davis, Bob Say, Rick Wilder, Flipside Magazine (r.i.p.), Vinyl Solution Records, John and Drac at Headline Records, Bobo at Revolver, Bill and Darren at Sound of California...I know I'm probably missing a bunch more names, but this is a start. Thank you all for helping us share the music in some way! Cheers to you all!


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